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Disabled Driving Lessons

Benefit from our disabled driving lessons for drivers with a diverse range of conditions and or disabilities by DSA approved instructors

The disabled driving course is aimed at people with a disability or difficulty with driving. We can offer assistance to people with a disability who need special adaptations to their vehicle. We can help with the customised design of your car to utilise your unique talents and cater for your special needs.

We are certain that you will be completely satisfied with our disabled driving course, qualified driving instructors and the exceptional service and support rendered by our entire team. We understand the sense of independence learning to drive can offer you. Therefore, we offer special attention and assistance to those with physical challenges. Starting from helping with the car design to imparting driving lessons, this course is especially dedicated to assist you in getting behind the wheels. Get your car designed to suit your requirements and we will arrange your tuitions in the car that has been designed for you.

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