Q) How does your course work?

Once a deposit has been paid, you and your instructor will agree a start date. The instructor picks you up from an agreed pick up point every day.

The in car training is usually booked from Saturday to Friday (3 – 8 hrs per day). The exact daily times will be agreed when the driving instructor calls and books you in.

Please do not book any time off work until you have spoken and agreed the dates and times with your instructor.

The in car training continues daily to use your hours up, and we get the quickest possible driving test, ideally for Friday PM at your local driving test centre.

The final hour of all standard driving courses is used on the driving test. The DVSA do not provide cars so you will need to use your driving instructors vehicle.

Q) The waiting list for a driving test in my area is 2 to 3 months away, how do you get one for the end of my course?

Quite simply we have a team of staff who will find you an extremely short notice driving test, while our instructors are busy teaching, we are busy searching for a suitable test slots.

Most driving schools cannot have this system because they are one person teaching during the day, they have very little time to actually access the DVSA website.

There are cancellations all the time at the local test centres, several per week get cancelled and rebooked by other pupils, you just need someone doing the hard work to find them before anyone else snaps them up!

Most driving schools or driving instructors will tell you that you cannot get a test within 2 – 3 months, and that is true on the normal waiting list, but they won’t have a team online and on the phones all day.

That’s what we do! Over 90% of courses have a test on the expected final day. Those few that run over by a few days for whatever reason, finish off within a few days, still 2 – 3 months quicker than the normal test waiting time.

Are the test fees included in the price?

Yes – all prices we quote include the test fees, we book them for you. You can book in with your own tests already booked, we just remove the fees off the total cost.

Do you help with theory revision?

There are around 1000 questions in the theory question database, so you’re looking at a lot of revision time – we recommend at least 20 hours. For practical reasons, we will give you free access to the premium version of the theory test pro website, so you can study online at home or on the go, with your smartphone via the website or app.

Our driving instructors will be happy to assist with the theory in the car too if you need help, just ask. We can go through the more complex questions with you, which will boost your chances of passing the theory test. It would take us hours and hours to cover everything once so thats why we give you free access to the revision website.

Q) What if I fail my theory test?

The driving instructor will continue to train you and get you up to the best possible standard within the hours we have arranged with you that week, we will then book the theory test for you again, you will be liable for the booking fee.

You have to wait 2 clear working days if you fail a theory test before you can take another one. The instructor will normally save the final few hours to finish off once the theory is passed if necessary. If you are at a safe standard and can take your driving test once the theory is passed, we will book your practical test for you as soon as you pass the theory test.

Q) What if you cannot get me a test for the Friday?

Most of our pupils want a course at extremely short notice, so we have to work off the DVSA system to get you a cancellation slot for the Friday, much quicker than the standard waiting list which can be 2 months or more.

We aim to get you a cancellation at your local test centre, or one reasonably close (with your permission). If we cannot get you a practical test for Friday then we will offer you the first available slot, which would typically be early the following week. However it falls, you won’t be waiting weeks and weeks. Your driving instructor will save a few hours back in order for you to finish up early in the second week.

If you need a 100% guarantee of a driving test for a Friday, the only way this is possible is to pass your theory test first and book your practical test about 3 months before beginning a driving course which means you will have to book your course 3 months in advance.

Q) What if I fail the practical test?

No driving instructor in the country can guarantee you a pass 1st time, we do try our best and the majority of the time people pass. If you are unlucky or just make one serious/dangerous error with just a few minor faults then you will be able to rebook with us (call us straight away).

The DVSA allow another test to be sat only after 10 working days (2 weeks) have passed, so you can rebook with us immediately and we will search for a retest. You probably will only need to arrange a couple of hours practice prior to the second test.

If you fail with lots of minor faults or more than one serious or dangerous fault, then it may be necessary for you to evaluate your driving skills. You may need to arrange another few hours to fix these errors in your driving before taking another driving test. Learning to drive is expensive to most people but it’s ridiculously more expensive if you keep going in for test’s when you aren’t ready.

Q) Can I realistically pass in one week?

Yes! if you have arranged enough practice hours in the week, you pass your theory test and we can get you a test for the Friday and you pass it, then you will have your license!

Q) Do I have to pay extra for my test day?

Not for an intensive driving course – the DVSA do not provide cars so you will need use your instructors vehicle. If you are taking an extended test or live quite far from the test centre, a little more than the last hour would be required for taking the test.

Q) How do I go about booking the course and how do I pay?

You can call us for any general enquiries, you can book on line using the booking form. You can email us a query out of hours too, or send us a text, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

To secure a course we require a deposit before the course begins. Payments can be made online or over the phone using a debit or credit card. Please note that debit and credit card payments will incur a small transaction admin fee. You can also bank transfer your deposit into our business account at no extra charge.

Q) Are deposits fully refundable?

In the small chance we cannot fulfill your booking, deposits are 100% refundable.

These are some of the most asked questions, but if you would like to call us and ask a few more then please don’t hesitate.

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